Understanding a good tie is critical to fly-fishing success

Fly FishingThere’s a lot that goes into fly-fishing and understanding the basics is paramount.

Before I head out this holiday weekend I decided to check the weather and ended up reading this powerful article by Paul Omundson over at the The Register-Guard that I hope everyone will find interesting, I sure did.

First step

Beginners simply need to get exposed to the basics of fly casting, Daughters recommends. “That’s the key. Delivering the fly effectively dictates your whole presentation and experience.”

But it’s not distance you’re after, he emphasizes. “In fact, most fish are caught close by. Whether you cast 20 feet or 100 feet, it’s all about how the fish sees the fly.”

Lane County is a haven for fly-fishing, with plenty of public and private classes and assistance available. A good first stop, Daughters says, is to visit a local fly-fishing shop.

“Shops like ours are a great resource,” Daughters said. “We pride ourselves on giving you information, resources and advice you need to be successful.”

Better yet, if you want to jump-start the sport with bang, sign up for a guided fly-fishing trip. Local guides make it fun — sometimes with a riverside lunch — in addition to hands-on instruction. You’ll most likely learn more on a guided fishing trip in one day than weeks of dry land classes and reading. Inquire at fly-fishing shops, or check out the McKenzie River Guides Association — organized in 1931 — at www.mckenzieguides.com….More at Try fly-fishing and tie into the wonders of nature by Paul Omundson at the The Register-Guard

Some great tips here and I intend on using them to my advantage.  Looking forward to a pan full of fish and if we cross paths I’ll sure share my catch with you!

Finding The Right Fishing Gear

Getting your hands on the proper fishing gear, knowing when and how to use, it is what makes the difference between a successful fishing outing and a total failure.  

I spend a lot of time checking my tackle box and choosing my rod and reel combination before everyfishing outing and I can attest that it makes a big difference in my catch.

I came across this article bassfishingtips.net that does an outstanding job of outlining what you need to consider when preping for a fishing trip

The Right Fishing Gear and Bass Fishing Equipment…

A fishing reel can be used by all types of fisherman, including beginners, professionals and industrial fisherman. A fishing reel is a round, cylindrical devise attached to the bas of your fishing rod which has the line wrapped round it. This devise has a Read the rest of this entry

Fishing Tip for Those on a Budget – Lure from a Wine Cork

If you’re on a budget this fishing tip is a Godsend.Fishing Lure

Every so often I come across a fishing tip that is just amazing.  Ed Carter over at feildandstream.com has come up with a doozie.   He describes how to make a fishing lure out of a wine cork!  Check this out! 

Next time you enjoy wine with dinner, hang on to the cork, which you can make into an effective bass plug. I’ve fooled more than one lunker with these lures—and saved some money, too. They’re easy to make, and chances are you already have most of the necessary parts. One tip: Use plastic wine corks. They don’t crack, are easy to cut and shape, and have a smooth finish once painted.

Read the rest of this entry

Fishing Techniques of Pitching and Flipping

Pitching Fishing Techniques

By Scott Nelson


Fishermen in boat

Fishermen in boat

There’s a cast for just about every different situation that present itself during the fishing day.  There comes a time for a long pitch and a time for an short quick flip, an overhand roll or a pitch-skip cast.  By learning and practicing these fishing techniques preferably left and right hands you will a not only a better fisherman that is ready any obstacle that presents itself


Flipping – best for muddy water or extremely heavy cover.  A short line technique.  that is quiet and more accurate than any of the other casts when distance is not requires.

Pitching –  great for clearer water situations when a quiet precise entry is needed but with a lot more distance.

Over Hand Roll – A good technique for getting just under objects or in between branches.

Pitch-Skip – the most ideal for getting way back under objects (docks and laydowns) here the cast presents the bait in the skipping/fleeing motion than hungry fish love.

Kelly Bostain wrote about these fishing techniques in an article featured in the Tulsa World this week that goes into great detail about these casts and the need to know how and when to use them.

The point of flipping and pitching is it allows a presentation that works a bait down into cover where the fish live. With water in the Red River warming up, bass are moving Read the rest of this entry

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